Jean Marie Holden MSN, APN, FENP-BC

Posted: December 27, 2016
Category: Provider
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Nursing has always been my passion. I have enjoyed caring for the people in my community for 28 years, 26 of which were in the emergency department at SOMC in Manahawkin and the last 1-½ years at Urgent Care Now. To be a familiar face for people when they enter a virtually unknown and frightening world like the Emergency Department was important to me. Having lived in this community for 29 years I have enjoyed meeting new people and providing healthcare and support to those who need our help and expertise.
Furthering my education to Advanced Practice Nurse was a natural transition as patient contact, care and communication have always been what I have enjoyed most in medicine. Continuing on this path is enormously satisfying.
Urgent Care Now prioritizes the patients, patient care and community and it is these qualities that have led me to be a part of this caring organization. It allows me to connect with our patients while providing the medical care that they seek.

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