Deborah McHale

Posted: February 15, 2017
Category: Staff Featured
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Deborah McHale works primarily in our Toms River office, but you may see her at our other two locations.

Debbie started as a nurses aid at Community Medical Center in 1987 while attending nursing school. After graduating nursing school she worked at Community Medical Center for about 1 year as a nurse on a surgical floor.

In 1990 Debbie started working at Kimball Medical Center on a cardiac floor& worked there for 18 years. While working at KMC Debbie got married, purchased a house & had twin boys. Debbie took some time off from nursing while her boys attended high school. Debbie started working for Urgent Care Now in the fall of 2015. Debbie is continuing her nursing education.Debbie enjoys spending time with family & going on vacation to other states.

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